We've been making these scrummy chocolate lollipops, a great hit in our house! They'd be perfect for a Valentines gift or treat and they're so easy to make.


100g unsalted nuts, we used pistachios and almonds

75g plain chocolate

75g white chocolate cocktail sticks or wooden skewers for the lolly sticks

Firstly line a baking tray or chopping board with baking parchment.

If using whole nuts, pop them into a plastic bag and crush with a wooden rolling pin or similar.

Melt the white chocolate using a bowl over a pan of simmering water, stirring constantly.

Next spoon a teaspoon of chocolate onto a tray.

Use the spoon to smooth it into a circle.

Press one of the lollipop sticks into the chocolate.

Use the back of the spoon to smooth the chocolate over the stick.

Make more lollipops, sprinkle half the nuts over them.

Then melt the plain chocolate and make more lollipops in the same way.

Put the tray or chopping board into the fridge for half an hour to set.

Then carefully peel the lollipops off the baking parchment.

You can use various toppings such as; chopped apricots, mango, cranberries etc or what about sprinkles, instead of nuts.

Drizzling melted chocolate over the top of the lollipops also gives them a lovely finish and contrasting different coloured chocolate always looks great!

A lovely gift or treat, yummy!!