With Halloween just around the corner, we've been making these gorgeous Halloween Bats using toilet rolls.

We love the bright colours but you could just as easily use traditional Halloween colours. They'd make a great little gift for trick or treaters, just fill with sweets and goodies, Halloween party favours or just as decorations.

They're so easy to make and all you'll need is;

PVA glue or sticky tape

Black card

Coloured paper

White paper

Googly eyes

Toilet paper rolls

Firstly, using the coloured paper, cover your toilet rolls. We covered the rolls in glue and then wrapped the coloured paper around, securing at the back with sticky tape.

Next, draw a template for the wings, you could use two wings per bat but we drew one wide one, incorporating both wings with the centre stuck at the back of the roll. Then cut out your wings using the black card.

Stick your wings onto the back of each coloured roll, fastening with PVA glue or sticky tape.

Gently fold in the tops and the bottoms of the tubes.


Lastly, decorate your bat with googly eyes, we added some eyebrows and lashes too using a black marker. For the fangs, cut out small triangles of white paper and stick on with glue.

Voila, gorgeous, coloured bats, perfect for Halloween!