We've been making these cute finger puppets, made from pipecleaners.

They're so easy to make and could also be lovely pencil toppers too.

To create these at home or school, all you'll need is;

Pipecleaners, PVA glue, wiggly eyes, assorted sizes of pom poms and any other decorations, such as feathers, gems that you'd like to use.

Firstly, take a pipecleaner and wind it quite tightly around a finger or pencil, depending on what you're making.

To make bunny ears, just take another pipecleaner and create two loops, like an 'M' shape and attach with PVA glue to the top of the coiled shape.

We stuck our ears just into the top of the coil. Add a pom pom head, again with PVA glue, just in front of the ears.

Any wings can be made by using another pipecleaner. Just make a loop at each end of the pipecleaner so you have a straight length in the middle. Then attach to the coil using PVA glue.

Add wiggly eyes to the head and then for a nose, we used the end snipped off a pipecleaner but you could use a tiny pom pom or even a small piece of felt.

For the cute chick we added a lovely feather just behind the pom pom head.

Voila, finger puppets to create a story or lovely pencil toppers.

What will you make?....